What is it with auto companies?

There is an ongoing issue at the toyota, lock out on march 17, tripatite agreement, workers want re-instatement of all 4200 workers. etc  - Union leaders go on indefinite hunger strike at Toyota India

Today's Indian Express carries a story of workers in a Godrej Industrial Unit, who say that despite being a Class I company, they only get paid minimum wages, whereas the Management is paid lucratively. They were complaining to Medha Patkar at an election roadshow in Vikroli.  The Workers complain that the Godrej land is being given to real estate without thinking of the interest of the workers. - Amir Khan & Tanushri Srivastava, Indian Express, 17th April, 2014

One of the main proponent of Flexible labour laws on TV, has of course been Mr Godrej.