Stan on Journey of Just Change at Vikalp Sangam II  Stan Thekeakara gives a detailed account of the development of Just Change,  the circumstances under which they moved from an activist role to that of entrepreneurship. However the important issues was that their entrepreneurship was guided by a certain sense of social relationships that adivasis hold dear.  

Little Things Make a Lot  : Ilango, Stan and Bablu give the example to soap to show how wealth generated in our villages will stay in, as well as generate the local multiplier that is required for development.. whereas in the current growth model, the manufacturer of the soap, needs to scale up in such a way that surpluses will go to advertising, branding, packaging, transport, etc. etc.

The Discussion led to many general issues relating to localising economics.. Local Economics - Vikalp Sangam II  Participants led by Stan and Ilango related their economic work at the local level to larger market processes which tend to move financial resources from the field to the international market, and examined ways and means of increasing the local multiplier effect in their work.

At the first Vikalp Sangam, we discussed the principles of Alternatives Economics and how it relates to our work.. Need to go beyond just inclusion and participation rhetoric, and develop each of the economic programmes into nucleii of alternatives, where the resources, as wealth created is not leaked out to the outside financial system, through interest or dividends, but stay within the community, or at least within the regional geography of that need. --  John DSouza. There are many more videos in our youtube channel.