There is a series of buzzwords that emerge as answers to the question of change – mobilization, participation, collaboration, networking, peer-2-peer, etc. These buzzwords are meant to be self explanatory. The change is sometimes at the level of tactics, at others the level of technological platforms, and at yet others, the level of scale and scope. They indicate, in their presence that a shift has taken place. It is almost a circular dialogue:
Q: What changed?
A: A whole lot of people mobilized themselves using Facebook and Twitter and Blackberries.
Q: So what changed?
A: They participated in demanding for their rights.
Q: True, but what exactly is this change that we are talking about?
A: New collectives have come into being to challenge the status quo.
Q: Right. But what changed?
A: Well, these new collectives are mobilizing themselves using peer-2-peer technologies and networking in unprecedented ways.

Changing Face of Citizen Action, December 2012