Knowledge and Change
The Logical Framework of progress is still colonial and Eurocentric. While considering Gandhi in this context, to some it may seem like going back to the past, to other there is a lot to be achieved by using some of the good principles and  building on the hitherto stymied knowledges, technologies, and systems.

Where are the people?
Are we still on the Vanguard? If not, does that mean that the alternative will generate autochronously from "below".  Is there a role for our "modern" or Euro-centric body of knowledge appropriately applied in framing the alternative? Can we even 'represent' the people?

This is the unabridged version of the recording... Conversations on Change

Prevented by Weather from reaching the Vikalp Sangam at Leh, a few of us exchanges notes on their concerns on how the alternatives would play out in the long run.  Issues relating to the governing, knowledge and representation systems were discussed. 

Aseem, fellow traveller ends his blog on this experience with this picture and works..." The picture tells us much about why the Kashmir Valley is in the shape it is in... The picture also reveals the immense value of some of the peace and healing initiatives being undertaken in the Valley by citizens. Jyoti Singh organises every year in the last week of August the Annual Dara Shikoh Festival for the Arts, in which a range of Kashmiri artists get a chance to show and discuss their work. - Independence and Partition - II: Kashmir ka Khat


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