28th Sept 1989....                    [ see post in AID INDIA website: Call of Harsud: Vikas Chahiye! Vinas Nahin! ]

It was 25 years ago. Activists, Social Workers, Peasants, Adivasis from all over India gathered to protest Destructive Development. The very ground on which they marched was to be one more Ruin of Development.

  Medha Patkar Speech at Harsud Rally

Harsud is now under water. But from here, Medha gave the call for opposing Destructive Development. She noted that People's Organisations from all states had come to support the People of the Narmada Valley




Swami Agnivesh had bought with him soil sent by the people of Indonesia who were also fighting against a dam there. In his speech he spoke about how the new development is taking over our rights to their seed, poisoning the earth with chemicals and impoverishing the peasants.






Baba Amte's speech at Harsud Rally
. Baba Amte pledged to be with the people of Narmada against teh Dam till his last breath




The Historic Harsud Rally : We marched, took a "sankalp

 AP Agricultural Labourers Union Presence at Harsud Rally
The AP Agricultural Labourers Union, which was then advocating the Employment Guarantee Act, were prominent in their support to the NBA, as they danced Kollatam on the streets and fields of Harsud,...


Harsud - After the Rally:   Even after the Main Rally, People went around Harsud town and the areas that were to be submerged, protesting against the dam and celebrating their togetherness


".. the dam is still being built, the development debate morphs to climate change and green growth. It is going to be politics of continual contestation, with one side using its money power to ensure its increasing hegemony over the land, its people, and its knowledge. The other while continuing actions like "occupy" will need to continue making resilient societies, and economies that can withstand / be a counter to the dominant. Each one of us are fighting in our own silos. Even the rainbow politics have a 'we 'and 'they' element about it.