medhaThe National Alliance of Peoples' Movements has moved ahead for the last twenty years on the three pillars of opposition to casteism and communalism, opposition to Globalisation and Liberalisation based economic policy and asserting our right to life and livelihood through constructive action. Medha Patkat at the 10th biennial conference.


She pledged to continue the struggle and assures that the younger lot will carry on the struggle. The slogans may seem the same, but the edge is razor sharp

The 10th biennial National Convention of the National Alliance of Peoples' Movements was held at the Rashtriya Seva Dal premises at Pune. Slogans and Songs rented the air, as over a thousand activists and students from all over India pledged to continue the struggle against destructive development and social prejudice. For more video reports


The Old & the Young activists raised the NAPM flag.. the spirit even in difficult times lives on..napm-ina

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