Culture and Spirituality seems more important to young people who seek meaning in a alienating life.

At the February Dialogues at Fireflies this year,  the Interplay exercises demonstrated the  “inter connectedness” between Mind-Body -Community and Alternative Culture guided by Hazel Lobo.

Siddhartha spoke of the inter-being ness, 

CIEDS and Fireflies organised a “sufi evening”

Praveen Hoogar at the Evening of Sufi Culture accompanied on the tabla by Gurusangappa Hoogar..

Saiyyan by Geetabai: accompanied by the Hoogar father-son duo, sang two songs which are from Bollywood but in the Sufi mould.. Saiyyan speaks of the joy of Love   and Teri Deewani while tracing some of the sufi influences in Bollywood 

Kabir Doha  by Vipul

Siddhartha reciting a Rumi: Sufi Evening

Who goeth there?
There is no room within for I and Thou
Who goeth there

Pichalli Srinivas:  an acitvist of the Dalit Sangarsh Samiti, who is a folk singer.

How Jazz became an Indian Music

In the third Ashok da Ranade Memorial Lecture, Naresh Fernandes recounts the Jazz Yatra at the Rang Bhavan since the mid 70s, which brought in various global artists.