Long & Winding Road is an ongoing information programme  of documentation, analysis and prognosis of fifth generation civil society, mainly characterised by entrepreneurship and innovation, and engagement with the market.  As epilogued in “the Long & Winding Road from Structural Change to Structural Transformation” this avatar of social movements would build on the transformation paradigm to promote decentralization of economy, equity and environmental sustainability.

The seventies social action generation is  retiring. Or is it?   Much has changed.  In L & W Road I, we saw how NGOs have been structurally adjusted, even as social movements including the environment, gender, peace movements charted new terrains of engagement. Alongside were SHGs, Appropriate Technology and Organic production and marketing projects.  Both streams of action have sought to re-define a new path for transformation of basic market institutions or so we hope. From a completely different stream came the Greenpeace, NAC, AAP phenomena, which seek to strike at the core of the dominant paradigm.  Meanwhile there is the financial, social  and environmental crisis  Issues like Climate Change like Naomi Klein says "changes everything" and is an opportunity to dismantle the oppressive capitalistic structure.

With no Marx or overarching theory of Structural Transformation in the horizon, Long & Winding Road II seek to capture through a range of video, the reflections and stories of a wide range of actors and what they see as the sources for Structural Change and Transformation.  The dominant issues raised in the video documentation, will under L & W R II, will be supplemented by other documentation  ( in doccentre.net) to provide and analytic base for understanding the current situation. 

The Long and Winding Road II will not be a one time output, but a series of evolving content on a variety of platforms such as mailing lists, website, facebook and so on. The idea is that the research being done in this project is in the public domain right from the start. This we hope will not only give feedback and peer review, but also initiate parallel co-activity by others. After the first tweets, annotations and posts which will give access to the original documents, CED and hopefully others will make small content modules , take the shape of a Critical Concern, or a short film or a presentation, or just a lecture at a meeting, or even a small discussion at CED. This will also be incorporated into a website on a quarterly basis. In a years time we hope to make a rounded documentary and a magazine like book, with notes for usage of the resources in different forms for education.